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Top 5 Journals For People Who Hate Journaling

November 21, 2022

Odds are, you just haven’t found the journaling style for you yet! There are so many types of journals out there so don't feel trapped to the classic lined paper. Keeping a journal holds many benefits, from reducing stress to connecting with your intuition. Writing is a great way to encourage self-awareness, as well as to regulate your emotions and gain clarity. This can be accomplished in so many creative ways!If you’re looking for a more creative way to give journaling another go, here are some great and unique journals to try.

The 5 Minute Journal Intelligent Change Great for beginners, this journal encourages your daily journaling practice by providing a new quote each day to reflect on, as well as providing space for quick, bullet style journaling to foster gratitude and affirmations. Use this journal to enhance your daily routine, get in the flow of gratitude, and embody a mindful practice!

Wreck This Journal Keri Smith For the person who hates writing- try this journal instead! While there is space in this journal for some creative writing, this journal helps you cultivate your creativity with a series of prompts encouraging you to (quite literally) wreck the journal. Leave coffee stains, poke holes in pages, use dirt to create works of art, you name it!

My Life In Lists Nicole Barlettano If lists are more your style, try this journal! It has numerous prompts for list-style journaling, including ideas like listing: your favourite memories, your favourite quotes, a dream log, positive affirmations, and so much more!

300/500 Writing Prompts Piccadilly If you enjoy writing but just don’t know what to write about, try using these writing prompts to stimulate tour creativity! Like a choose your own adventure book, pick a prompt that speaks with you and use that to get going. Choose from prompts like “What has made you angry this week” or, try something more imaginative like “Write an intro to your own mystery novel”.

Breathe Mindfulness Journal Sterling Sterling offers a series of journals, including this mindfulness journal. In this journal/self-care book hybrid, you get the chance to journal using a series of thought-provoking prompts to promote well-being. This journal walks you through overcoming mental blocks to access joy, helps you live for the moment, and so much more. This is a great option for those who are experienced with journaling and are looking to up their game!

These are only a few of the amazing journals that are ready to enhance your journaling experience. Find what sparks your soul and get creating!

Top 5 Journals For People Who Hate Journaling
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