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Water Your Garden: It's Time to Make Yourself A Priority

April 13, 2023

Do you feel it? The energy shift whispering “you’ve got this”? The one gently encouraging you to move forward and step into your power? Spring is finally here, and it’s ready to give us the boost we need to plant the seeds for our future, become the priority we are, and bloom into the person we’re meant to be!

We may have marked the official start of Spring on March 20th, but the month of April is where we really begin to experience all that this magical season has to offer. As we begin to swap out snow for April showers, and our winter coats for rain jackets, Mother Nature reminds us just how important it is to water our garden… both the one in our yard, and the we’re growing in!

Understanding Our Roots

Just like the flowers we tend to in a garden, we grow in a similar capacity. We have roots; some long and resourceful, some short and fleeting, others have been growing since we were born, others branched off and began growing later in life. These roots are where we get our nourishment. Some of these roots connect us to our family, culture, and heritage, while others connect us to our Soul Family, like close friends and family. Some of these roots connect us to nature, while others connect to our hobbies, values, beliefs, and all the other wonderful things that help us embrace our authenticity.

The more we nurture these roots, these pieces of ourselves that help us feel whole, we begin to grow and grow as we become aligned with who we are! We become motivated to take action in our life, setting goals that help us make our hopes and dreams a reality. As we expand, some of these roots will help us, and grow too, while others may have served their purpose and begin to fade away, allowing new roots to form and strengthen.

Roots are just one of the many ways that we can draw parallels between nature, Spring, and our own lives. This season provides us with a mirror; an opportunity to look into our own lives as it encourages us to take meaningful and intentional steps so we can bloom, transform, and learn some valuable lessons along the way!

One Step At A Time

A major lesson we can learn from Spring is that good things take time, love, and nourishment. The beauty of our planet blooms for no one but itself, and it flows at its own pace. Like Spring for example. When you think about this season, what comes to mind? Lush greenery? Trees and flowers in bloom? Cool, sunny days with birds chirping? These are all staples of the season, but it takes time to craft such beauty! During the Spring Equinox, the trees don’t get their leaves back overnight, just as the snow doesn’t immediately melt and the weather doesn’t automatically warm up a few degrees. It takes time and patience!

We often get caught up looking in other people’s gardens and wonder why it may be taking us longer to bloom. This traps us in negative thinking patterns that stop us from evolving. The key to success here is to release that little voice in your head saying “you’re not good enough”, “you need to do better”, “you’re a failure”, and replace it with positive words of affirmation. When we feel good, we do good; we are in alignment and are moving in the right direction. Swapping these false, negative thoughts for more truthful and kind affirmations like “I am worthy”, “I am moving at the right pace for me”, and “I have all I need within me”, we develop healthier beliefs that keep us motivated and on track!

Nurture All of You

Another key to personal growth is ensuring we are taking proper care and listening to our body, mind, and soul. Just as every part of a plant is needed for it to grow, we too need to focus on all parts of ourselves. It’s important to be mindful of how we are treating ourselves. What are you feeding your physical body? How much water are you consuming? Has your body been asking you for something? The things we put into our bodies has a huge impact on our energy. Ensure you are truly listening to it’s needs, even if that means going out for the occasional burger! Spring is also a great time to get back outside and move our body. Winter tends to keep us in hibernation mode, which serves a purpose, but now we’re ready to stretch, move, and expand!

It's also equally as important to nurture our mind and soul. Just like the positive affirmations, what we feed our mind and soul is essential to our success. Negativity and stagnation can easily go unnoticed by those who have been surrounded by it for years, so developing a mindfulness practice will help you discover where you might be held back. Pay extra close attention to that voice in your head and notice if you would say similar things to those around you. We can be pretty rough on ourselves most times, especially when it comes to not giving ourselves the love and attention we deserve. We make excuses and let our self-care practice fall between the cracks. This leaves us feeling frustrated, angry, and tense. We feel like life is moving around us, but we remain stuck. Creating balance between caring for and helping others, then doing the same for ourselves is where we spark major transformational shifts.

We also want to nurture the soul by rediscovering what feeds us on an energetic level. Who do you want to spend your time with? What do you want to be doing? When do you feel the most motivated? When do you feel the most love? Make time to explore and play as you tune inward to see what your soul needs for growth and expansion.

It’s Okay to Rest

Arguably one of the most important lessons of Spring, rest is productive too! The Earth goes through so many changes and shifts this time of year, and it gets tired. Mother Nature understands that the only way to reach your full potential is to rest when necessary. “April showers bring May flowers” as the saying goes, only enhances the idea that if it was not for those gloomy days, the days where nature simply rests and receives the healing of the rain, the flowers would be overworked and die out sooner.

This season is highly motivational, but we want to make sure we don’t burnout. Society has told us that taking breaks and slowing down is lazy, that it’s not something “successful” people do, and this only leads us down the toxic road of burnout culture. If we don’t make time to pause, we run the risk of collapsing. Day’s where you “do nothing” are still equally as valuable to your success as your busier days. Make time for those rainy days.

Use this Spring Equinox energy to make yourself the priority that you are, to nourish your soul, and bloom! The Earth is here to support you and guide you every step of the way.

Water Your Garden: It's Time to Make Yourself A Priority
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