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Empowered Soul Collective

Welcome to Empowered Soul Collective, where enlightenment meets community. In this membership we are a sanctuary for those on a journey of self-(re)discovery, empowerment, and spiritual growth. Here, you'll find a vibrant community of like-minded souls, each on their unique path towards a more empowered and enlightened life. Our collective is a safe space where wisdom is shared, connections are formed, and transformations occur.

Something for Everyone

Within our community, you'll find three distinctive offerings tailored to meet your unique needs. "Empowered Essentials" provides a foundational space for those beginning their empowerment journey, offering group coaching sessions, community support, and a wealth of resources. "Empowered Prodigy" invites seekers to dive deeper, including exclusive digital themed packages brimming with insights, guided meditations, and engaging challenges. For those ready to reach the pinnacle of their spiritual evolution, "Empowered Mastery" offers personalized 1:1 sessions, event discounts, and comprehensive guidance. Ideal for curious souls, spiritual enthusiasts, and anyone seeking profound self-discovery, our collective is where empowerment meets enlightenment.


Join us as we illuminate the path to self-realization together!

Join the Empowered Soul Collective

Illuminate. Empower. Thrive.

  • Empowered Essentials

    Every month
    Begin your journey with Empowered Essentials. Foundational empowerment and support await!
    • Monthly Virtual Group Coaching Sessions
    • Private Community Forum Access
    • Resource Library
  • Empowered Prodigy

    Every month
    Dive deeper with Prodigy. Exclusive digital Empowerment Packages, and monthly challenges
    • Everything from Empowerment Essentials plus:
    • Digital Empowerment Packages with Monthly Themed Content
    • Monthly Challenges and Activities to Keep You Accountable!
  • Empowered Mastery

    Every month
    Reach your full potential. Personal guidance, event discounts, and empowered growth
    • Everything from Empowerment Prodigy plus:
    • 1:1 Monthly Personalized Check-ins
    • Event & Workshop Discounts
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