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Ground & Glow
Reiki & Meditation Wellness Event

Friday, June 09th


InPower Yoga

12 Elizabeth St, 2nd Floor

Grimsby, ON


Has life been feeling hectic and chaotic lately? Are you in need of some down time and self-care? Are you ready to feel rejuvenated and have your stress melt away? Then you don’t want to miss this Reiki and Meditation wellness event!


Working as an Empowerment Soul Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Meditation and Mindfulness Coach, Sydney Morrison is here to guide you into tranquility and transformation! Sit back and relax as you receive Reiki energy healing, accompanied with a gentle guided meditation to enhance this mystical, magical, and transformative experience. 


Reiki participants often report experiences such as stress relief, emotional shifts, physical sensations, imagery, and recall of memories.


For maximum relaxation, participants are encouraged dress comfortably and to bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket, and water bottle. 


Are you ready to begin your journey of rejuvenation as you ground and glow? Book your spot today!

Healing For Healers

Saturday, June 10th



Zen House Yoga Studio

6150 Valley Way Suite 101

Niagara Falls, ON

Are you a healer? A holistic practitioner, doctor, sound therapist, care-giver, nurse, Empath, etc? When was the last time you took time for yourself? Odds are, you haven't done that in a while- so this event is for you!



Healers are often so busy taking care of others, that they unknowingly neglect their own needs. During this Healing For Healers Soulful Energy session Brandie and Sydney will offer Soulful Energy Healing in the form of a Reiki Share to help you clear your energy and fill your cup!

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Spirit Talk & Tarot

Thursday, June 29th


The Nook

42 Main St. W.

Grimsby, ON


Are you looking to gain insight on your life’s path? Are you seeking clarity on your desires and dreams? Do you want to learn to connect with your intuition and receive psychic guidance? Then you don’t want to miss this!

Join Adrienne and Sydney for a magical evening of discovering how to tap into your own personal power through tarot and psychic insight!

Adrienne is a certified tarot reader and life coach. By blending her knowledge of the cards and life coaching techniques, she can help you get answers, overcome obstacles, and create the future you desire.

Sydney is a certified Empowerment Soul Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Psychic Medium. Using a variety of coaching techniques, specializing in holistic, spiritual and metaphysical practices, Sydney is here to guide you on your journey into happiness and confidence!

Be sure to bring a pen, notebook/journal, tea/coffee/water, and if you feel called to you may bring a tarot deck.

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