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YouR EmpoweRmeNt SouL CoAch


As an Empath, I have always been drawn to helping those around me. I could feel the weight of the stress, anxieties, and sadness in the world and, as someone who had been in dark places myself, I never wanted anyone to have to experience that pain.


Throughout my life it has been my passion to increase awareness around mental health, to provide support and to create space for healing. It is my mission, my life’s purpose, to provide a supportive space for my clients to grow, heal, transform, and become empowered to create the life they desire!

The Build Up

As someone who grew up living with anxiety, OCD and depression, I became very familiar with frequent doctor visits, working to improve my diet and exercise routines, speaking with therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, all while trying medication after medication.

Over the years, I grew frustrated and disappointed that all these therapies and practices that I was told "should" have worked weren't making a difference in my life. I couldn't help but think, "is there something wrong with me?"


An Alternative Approach


In an effort to get answers to my question, I began seeking help in the alternative and holistic wellness industry. Following a powerful and insightful meeting with a psychic medium I began to enter my Spiritual Awakening.

This opened many doors for me! I started receiving Reiki energy healing, practiced meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, sound therapy, and other unique approaches that provided me with substantial growth and healing!

In this process I enhanced my intuition and began tapping into my gifts as a psychic medium. Through a combination of coaching and alternative holistic practices I was able to regain my confidence and become empowered! Now I'm here to help you do the same!

Now It's Your Turn

It's time to take this next step in your healing journey.

You're ready.

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