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The 3 Pillars of Empowerment

August 01, 2022

As an Empowerment Coach, I’m here to tell you what everyone ought to know about the 3 pillars of empowerment.  If you’re tired of feeling like you’re living life on auto-pilot, or like you’re living life for others, or perhaps just feeling insecure, and having a hard time making decisions (does the question, “what do you want for dinner” scare you?), you may be disempowered.

When we experience a disconnect from ourselves and from life, we are not feeling empowered.  We can become empowered through the 3 pillars of empowerment.  What is empowerment?  Empowerment is being able to take control of your life. When we are empowered, we are more authentic, experience increased self-confidence, live with intention, and feel more aligned.


Humans have been adapting to life by being aware of their surroundings for centuries. So, the first step towards becoming empowered is to hone in on your awareness. We can do this in a variety of ways, like trying mindful meditation, journaling, and cognitive restructuring.

When we take the time to tune in and become more self aware, we become more connected to our values and beliefs. These work as a guiding star that help us become better at making decisions. Our awareness of ourselves and others also helps improve relationships and develop deeper connections. This is the baseline to becoming more empowered.


Mindset matters – and your attitude is at the forefront! Manifestation is powerful, and works in every direction. For example, if you have a negative attitude surrounding a task you have to complete, you’re more likely to notice all the things that go wrong, move at a slower pace, and feel generally angry and irritable. However, if we recognize that the task may not be enjoyable, yet is inevitable, we can focus on shifting our perspective. We can understand that there may be some benefit to this task, or that we may learn something. We can do our best to focus on the positives (no matter how small!) and possibly change how we perceived this task.

Not unlike a self-fulfilling prophecy, we have the power to control more than we think. If we are in a mindset where we think we are going to have a terrible day, our brains will ignore anything positive and reaffirm the negative. Once we see how much power our attitude holds- we are ready to take ACTION.


Once we have improved our awareness, and worked to be mindful of our attitude, we are ready to take action! This final pillar is where we actively take back our power. Continue to use your awareness and mindset to take stock of your life. Where have you been? Where are you now? Where are you going? The possibilities are endless. Tune in to your intuition and take action on your dreams and goals.  As you enter this phase in your empowerment, use this time to make SMART goals and understand that you are free to move at your own pace. Trust yourself, and trust your decisions. You’ve got this!

Now that you have the 3 pillars of Empowerment, you’re ready to take the next step! It’s time to live for yourself and be an inspiration to others. Make the conscious effort to grow and evolve without letting the fear of failure or fear of the unknown tear you down. Allow yourself to be seen and to take up space. You are capable of great things; you just need to be empowered to do so!

The 3 Pillars of Empowerment
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