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UnLoCK tHe PoWeR WithiN

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Certification Courses

YouR ReiKi MaSteR

Where passion meets purpose.

Welcome to a space where passion meets purpose and healing meets learning.


In my own journey battling with depression and anxiety, Reiki emerged as the missing link, guiding me towards profound self-rediscovery and healing. This transformative power fuels my passion for teaching Reiki, not only as a mere set of techniques, but as a pathway to empowerment, enabling individuals to embark on their unique journeys of healing and self-rediscovery.


I am dedicated to creating a nurturing and supportive environment for my students, integrating my love for teaching with the profound impact that Reiki has had in my life. Join me on a journey of healing and growth, where my personal experience enhances the foundation for your own transformative exploration. Trust in the power of Reiki, trust in the guidance of a passionate teacher—welcome to a space where healing becomes a shared journey.

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Reiki Level 1


Embark on your Reiki journey with Level 1, where you'll learn the basics of energy healing, self-healing techniques, and the fundamentals of Reiki practice. This course is perfect for beginners eager to tap into the healing power within.

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Reiki Level 2


Level 2 dives deeper into the practice, teaching you sacred symbols, distance healing, and advanced energy techniques. Perfect for those who have completed Level 1 and are looking to enhance their learning and/or provide healing to others.

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Reiki Level 3 (Master)


Become a Reiki Master and unlock the full potential of your healing abilities. Level 3 (Master level) focuses on advanced techniques, attunements, and the art of passing on the Reiki knowledge to others, allowing you to being a Reiki teacher.

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